Where to wear your fancy hat

So you bought a hat for a wedding or event, and it feels like the kind of thing you can only wear once. Nonsense! Dust it off and throw a theme party. Why not try one of the following party ideas, all culled from Pinterest.

mad hatter tea party

Of course the obvious choice is a tea party. Who doesn't love getting dressed up to eat dessert in the day?

kentucky derby party inspiration

Why not make up a batch of Mint Juleps and throw a Kentucky Derby party? Pull out the seersucker and your most extravagant hat for this one. Have it during the Kentucky Derby and place friendly bets, or any time of year and play horse themed games like horse shoes or pin the tail on the donkey.

marie antoinette party inspiration

Party like it's the 1700s and throw a Marie Antoinette party. Basically an excuse to dress lavishly and eat delicious French macarons, in hats and fascinators of course.