Forgotten Fashion

Forgotten Fashion

A recent, unsuccessful escapade in search of a pair of decent bunny slippers had me thinking a lot about forgotten fashion. What items at one point were so ubiquitous they have become iconic? Easily suggested to viewers with a few brush strokes in comic? Something so familiar it feels like we should have at one time owned these things, but may never actually seen them in a shop?

Bunny Slippers

Hulk in bunny slippers from 1992 comic

I predict the middy will soon have a revival. Based on the popularity the last two years of the Peter Pan collar, it's time to bring another childhood favorite collar back to womenswear. I was unable to find any current designs featuring a middy collar, but it's only a matter of time.

1960's middy pattern

Early 1900s middy ad

New fashion look with Peter Pan collar

Something that won't make a comeback: the stirrup pant. I never understood these, though I distinctly remember owning a pair in kindergarten.

Wait, they still make these?

Nope, not even retro cool.

And finally, the muff (faux fur of course!) Super classy, but rarely seen, yet still iconic.


Little girl keeping warm and looking adorbs with her faux fur muff

Not at all out of place on the cover of a comic book