How To Host the Ultimate Oscar Party

How To Host the Ultimate Oscar Party

The Ballot

The best part of any Oscar party is betting on the winners. Make sure to print off enough Oscar ballots plus a few extras (just in case) for all your guests, and have pens out for everyone. Filling out the Oscar ballot is a good red carpet activity, but once the show starts your selections better be locked in. The pride of winning is prize enough, but if you want to have a prize for the winner, something perishable like a bouquet or bottle of sparkling wine makes a good prize. This year I’ve marked separately what I want to win and what I think will win, but I’m only counting what I think will win.

Photo Op Moment

If you want to go all out, turn the entrance to your home into a red carpet walkway. I like to do a photo op wall. I tape up sparkling wrapping paper or gold tinsel to a section of wall to give guests a place to pose for Instax photos.


The Oscars are long! If you watch the red carpet coverage too, you can spend 4-5 hours watching the Oscars. Black tie sounds fun, but I’ll leave that to Hollywood. Dress comfortably and encourage your guests to do the same.


Since the Oscars are in the evening, let your guests know whether or not you’ll be serving dinner. If you do have dinner, something you can easily eat in front of the tv, like pizza, is a good option. If not, have some good finger foods around- hummus and veggies, popcorn, chocolates. If you don’t have a fully stocked bar, consider offering a couple wines and a signature cocktail.

And remember, The Oscars are serious business, if you want to chat during the speeches, go in the other room.