Ladies Rock Camp

Ladies Rock Camp

Last weekend, I participated in Ladies Rock Camp. It’s put on by Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities, as a way to help raise money for their teen programming. In three days I went from beginner guitar player to forming a band, writing a song, and performing it in front of an audience.

Over 20 people participated, and we formed six bands. It was incredible to see how far people came in two days. Many had never played their instrument before. The days were broken up with instrument instruction, band practice, group discussions and meditation.

I have never been part of such and encouraging and supportive group. It made me realize how important it is to have spaces just for women and gender non-conforming people. There truly was no pettiness or competitiveness. It just shows how quickly the bonds of sisterhood can form when women are working towards a shared goal.

It’s also a good reminder of what you accomplish when you step outside your comfort zone and try something new. It was good to disengage from the internet and social media for a weekend and work on something creative with a group.

Wuthering Fights

Wuthering Fights: Anna, Tiff, Emily

My band, Wuthering Fights, was chosen to close the showcase. My bandmates had never played their instruments before and I hadn’t played with a group before or practiced in a LONG time, so it made me feel extra good that they had the confidence in us to close the show. I love our little punk song, Breakup Song (I’m taking the dog).

If you have a Ladies Rock Camp in your town, it’s definitely worth trying whether or not you think you have any musical ability. All the bands came up with really fun songs, and it was an empowering weekend I won’t forget.