Memphis Design in Fashion

Memphis Design in Fashion

Apartment containing many classic Memphis design pieces

The Memphis Group's controversial 1980s furniture, ceramics, and textile designs remain iconic today. The image I most associate with this aesthetic is PeeWee's Playhouse. For a more realistic look of how someone lived with Memphis furniture, check out this article on Karl Lagerfeld's incredible 80s apartment.

PeeWee's Playhouse set

High fashion began referencing this style in 2011 when Dior Couture showed their first line without Galliano in 15 years. At the time many considered it a disappointment, but it's ripple effect can still be felt in fashion.

Dior Couture

American Apparel line, with patterns by one of the original Memphis Group members

Dusen Dusen 2015, ready to wear

Missioni ad from Fall 2014