The Reclamation

The Reclamation

In September, The Nashville Fashion Alliance teamed up with Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee to put on one of the coolest fundraisers this city has ever seen, bringing together chefs, farmers, fashion designers, artists and musicians.

Dinner at The Reclamation; Photo: Mayter Scott

Alex Lockwood, Bryce McCloud and Vadis Turner filled the space with large-scale art installations.

Alex Lockwood; Photo: Mayter Scott

In addition to helping the NFA organize this event, I was one of twelve local designers given gift cards to Goodwill and tasked with a Project Runway-style makeover challenge.

Pictured: Fanny & June, Ona Rex, Diana Warner Studio, Will & Ivey, Morton and Mabel, Debe Dohrer, Eric Adler, Isabel SK

With the only guidelines, that all materials must come from Goodwill, I began my hunt with my hands, feeling my way across the stores in search for any items made of 100% silk. I remade a bias cut ballgown into a cocktail dress and cut strips out of blouses which I over-dyed to make the flowers. The turban started out as a matching shirt and shorts combo, and is lined with a green silk blouse. Working with a challenge was such a blast, and I enjoyed busting out the French Curve and dress form for a change.

From the impressive designs, to the locally farmed flower arrangements, to the incredible dinner, to the Guilty Pleasures dance party, every part of this night was fab!